let’s get to know each other | the purpose of lust for growth

I know what you’re thinking.

How could a 22-year-old possibly have any worldly advice to share? How could I possibly have anything to say when, on the surface, ‘I’m only just beginning.’ I get it, especially if you’re someone who has lived for decades operating as normal (by society’s standards) – but let me explain.

Oneness is our true nature. As humans, we all possess two sides of ourselves – the physical and the non-physical. The physical is the part of us we identify ourselves with – it is how I can recognize myself as Kim, a 22-year-old woman living on the East Coast with a day job and a passion for self-help work. It’s the physical side of me that makes it so I can identify who I am to others and function in this world. Our physical side differentiates us from those around us so we can experience contrast. If everyone appeared the same to us, contrast wouldn’t exist and therefore, we would have no desire to grow in this time-space reality. Our souls came down to this reality incarnated into bodies to experience human life – that’s where the non-physical comes in.

The non-physical is our higher self; the part of us that is all connected. We are all extensions of a higher power – be it the Universe, Source, or even God (but maybe not the God you’ve been led to believe in.) For the sake of this explanation, I’ll use the Universe.

The Universe sees us all as an extension of itself – we’re all ‘different’ by how we may look, behave, act, or carry out our lives, but that’s because we all came down here with a different purpose. We all came down here to grow in different ways. So, Lust for Growth is essentially the child of my purpose, at least in this current field of my life path.

On the site, you’ll find a wide range of themes – all revolving around human understanding. The posts that arise depend on what is going on in my life currently. Every single day of my life has become dedicated to learning as much as I can about this human experience so in turn, I can break it down to those around me. I can help awaken as many people as possible so we’re no longer a victim to this human experience. We are free.

Whatever I feel called to touch on, I’ll write and from there, I know it will reach the exact people it is meant to. If you’re reading this right now, have comfort in knowing this is the exact place you were meant to stumble upon. There are no coincidences.

In the past, I’ve been one to write purely positive focus pieces, but now, I’m learning to embrace the shadows. I’ve learned more about tapping in to every single one of our emotions than the ‘positive focus’ side of me could have even comprehended. It’s from here that I want to provide comfort to you – every emotion we feel is the exact emotion we are supposed to be experiencing. I’ll touch on wider aspects of this point, but this is the main focus of Lust for Growth. It’s a place to come to when it feels like absolutely no one understands you. When it feels like you shouldn’t be feeling the emotions that are coming up.

I’m here to shed light on every part of our lives – the light and the dark. It’s only from there that we can open up to the exact reason we were meant to be here.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 22 or 77, if you’re here right now, this is the specific moment you were supposed to awaken. You’re not a second too late as much as your mind wants to convince you otherwise.

So on that note, I welcome you home – back to the side of you that has been there all along. It just got lost along the way.